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t7 Event Solutions and Haycom merge

Haycom and t7 event solutions have announced that effective as of yesterday (1st April 2013) the companies have merged together to form an exciting new partnership within the Australian events industry. 

“This significant business decision has eventuated after both companies have for a number of years delivered similar and exceptional services in the events industry,” said Haycom managing director Stuart Gregg.

The merge will enable the new Haycom to provide a greater national service; combining new and existing resources, operating in more locations and creating more specialised roles for its teams.

Established in 1975, Haycom occupy a unique space in the events industry. Providing expertise in vision, sound, lighting and staging services, Haycom combine this with creative content solutions for every variety and scale of event.

t7 event solutions are a Sydney based audio visual and event design company providing creative technical solutions to their clients within Australia and globally for the last 10 years.

 “I am delighted to be able to merge t7 with Haycom,” said t7 event solutions managing director Mario Valenti. “The events industry is a changing landscape and if you don’t move with the times you risk being left behind. Haycom now offers a huge amount of technical equipment and technically brilliant staff and creative services Australia wide. We also offer a diverse portfolio of complimentary products such as Musion 3D holographic projection, Mithoughts and Sendsteps which is a unique and exciting offering for our existing and future clients.”

The integration will provide clients with a broader scope of knowledge over a wider range of event services. Haycom can now offer exclusive products including Musion 3D Holographic Projection, Interactive iPads, Projection mapping.

Haycom will continue to deliver consistency across Australia as well as creative services for exciting new events across the globe. “This positive merger will allow Haycom to confirm its leadership role in the Australian events industry”, Gregg said. 


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