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The Night Garden Pop Up to open following 2012 event success

Two Sydney event specialists have partnered up to launch ‘In the Night Garden’ a pop up event site located at Bennelong lawn. This premier harbourside event destination is expected to be the must have venue for 2013 Christmas party season.

Returning to Sydney’s Bennelong Lawn, the Pop Up Venue will return in late 2013 for exclusive corporate hire.

The partnership  formed between This Space + Events and Trippas White Group came about following the success of an exclusive gala dinner the companies produced together in September 2012.

An iconic Sydney location, bespoke menu, 400 influential guests and a night to remember were just a few of the criteria given to This Space + Events to create a celebration to mark a significant milestone anniversary for a major corporate client in 2012.

Fleet Steps was the chosen location, with the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge as the backdrop including a 20m animation of the companies history projected onto a giant water screen. The clientele included CEO’s, managing directors and political and community leaders.

With the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge as the backdrop, the event included animation of the company history projected onto a giant water screen.

“Our client was very passionate and involved in every process of the event as this was such a significant milestone for them, we all had very expectations especially when it came to the menu so we needed a catering partner with the vision and ambition to match. This is where the relationship with Trippas White began,” said This Space + Events managing director Julia Barnard.

Designing a bespoke menu came naturally to group executive head chef John McFadden who created a menu that was an experience from beginning to end meeting the challenges head on when providing a complex menu for 400 influential guests from a portable kitchen. In addition a dessert feature to rival anything Heston Blumenthal could create topped the bill of fare.

“John’s response to the brief: demonstrating ‘food through the ages’ with canapés, entrées and main-course dishes from the 1920s, ‘60s, and 80’s; and culminating in an incredible dessert from 2012: a 3-dimensional Wind-Turbine creation in a chocolate and hazelnut mousse with chocolate crackles in choux-pastry base, with edible grass. Guests were blown away; they could not believe that the entire dessert was edible, ” said Susan LeRoux, corporate sales manager, Trippas White Group.

Corproate companies can now experience the event setting for themselves in 2013 when ‘In the Night Garden’ returns for events.

Guests of the gala dinner departed experiencing the very best that Sydney had to offer, which is why This Space + Events and Trippas White Group decided to continue their partnership into 2013 with the production of ’In The Night Garden’ – a vintage themed garden party established for the 2013 festive season.

“In the Night Garden is an enchanting pop up site that captures your imagination and teases your senses,” said Barnard.

To find out more about this unique and enchanting experience please contact Patrick Gent at This Space + Events  or Susan LeRoux  at Trippas White Group. Dates are limited.