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Lindeman’s Open Garden blooms in Melbourne

The Lindeman’s Open Garden will return for its third consecutive year to the 2013 Melbourne International Garden Flower Show (MIFGS), providing guests with a gardening and culinary oasis within the festival.

The Lindeman’s Open Garden will return to the 2013 Melbourne International Garden Flower Show.

Held at the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens from Wednesday 20 March to Sunday 24 March, the Lindeman’s Open Garden will feature cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, an 18-metre cellar door and a bespoke, six-metre hanging basket tree.

Lindeman’s chef ambassador Dominique Rizzo will be on hand to demonstrate how best to match the Lindeman’s Early Harvest wines, which are 25 per cent lighter in alcohol and calories**, to a variety of foods designed for lighter living. Joining her will be author and Lindeman’s gardening ambassador Meredith Kirton, who will share her top tips on what to grow this autumn and winter.

For the first time, guests will also be able to relax and enjoy a glass of the new Lindeman’s Early Harvest Pinot Grigio. Also available at the cellar door is the Lindeman’s Early Harvest Fruity range. Formerly known as Lindeman’s Sweet Seasons, this new collection has three wines, Lindeman’s Early Harvest Sweet White, Lindeman’s Early Harvest Sweet Red and Lindeman’s Early Harvest Moscato and features fresh packaging, which reflects the wines sweeter style.

A key attraction of the Lindeman’s Open Garden is the Lindeman’s hanging basket display.

Last year, 1,555 hanging baskets were made throughout the five-day festival from the 27,759 people who attended the Lindeman’s Open Garden. A wide variety of herbs and flowers were provided for guests to create their own mini, edible garden, which could proudly be displayed on the hanging basket tree before being taken home at the end of the day.

The Lindeman’s Open Garden will be open at MIFGS from 10am–5pm daily, with Dominique’s and Meredith’s garden cooking demonstrations held from 11am–4pm.

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