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WOW Structures now available in Australia

Following months of negotiations, the marquees that have WOW’d crowds at events in Europe are finally available in Australia.

After seeing Corporate Marquees in Europe printed with brands like Moet & Chandon, Guiness, Land Rover, Audi and many other global brands  WOW Structures were convinced that these eyecatching marquees would steal the show at events like Formula One, the Melbourne Cup and The Australian Open Tennis over the next several years.

The structures can be used for both indoor and outdoor events and can be branded for corporate events and festivals.  

With Innovative marquees for all occasions. Innovation driven by a passion for high technology materials and an affinity for design; provide easy, beautiful, sustainable shelter solutions that have high impact and a real WOW factor.

The Crossover Marquee is a futuristic, innovative marquee that provides for medium to large scale covered entertainment requirements, available with printed corporate covers, for any type of outdoor event or indoor exhibition.


They provide users with the WOW factor for any function or gathering. Whether it’s a special eventor a formal function; the WOW Marquee gives your event a dramatic presentation and an event that will be beyond doubt, memorable. Both Indoor and outdoor exhibitions can easily be accommodated.

The height and access can accommodate motor vehicles, and large scale equipment or services, accommodating bars, seating , lounges or just product display; the WOW Marquee is totally flexible and can be erected easily and quickly making the ‘bump-in’ and ‘bump-out’ a simple exercise. 

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