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Moreton Hire to launch new tents at Avalon Airshow 2013

Moreton Hire will launch a new range of tent infrastructure at the Avalon Airshow in February 2013, an exciting development for the Australian major events market.

Offering clean lines and a new-look, the range will offer a premium experience to visitors and exhibitors to the nation’s largest aviation show.

The Hex, one of two tents to be launched by Moreton Hire in February

Housing the Chalet Line will be The Arcum Ten, the latest addition to the Moreton Hire curved roof range. The structure is modular in design with a ten-meter profile; offering the ultimate in space functionality. With solid walls or the option for a glass finish, The Arcum Ten exudes the same attributes as Moreton Hire’s full tent range; offering a seamless front and tightly finished structure for clean lines.

In addition to The Arcum Ten will be the launch of The Hex; a new-look, hexagonal shaped structure designed for flexibility in its design and use. The Hex is offered as a stand alone feature area or integrated with Moreton Hire’s Uniflex tents.

Tim Coupland, commercial manager of major events, says their investment in the new product demonstrates Moreton Hire’s dedication to delivering new ideas and innovation for the Airshow and customers alike.

“The range is an exciting addition to the Australian Market. It will present a new shape to the conventional marquee design and take any event to the next level. ”

COO, Roger Motteram, says their new range reaffirms Moreton Hire’s commitment and support for the continued growth of major events in Australia.

“We are dedicated to the continual innovation of our product and bringing new ideas to the market. Beyond Avalon, we envision the tents to be ideal in the corporate space and look forward to putting this new product on the national stage.”


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