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Tenders submitted for Glebe Island Expo

Five consortia or companies have submitted tenders for the interim venue at Glebe Island to be used for supporting the ongoing success of the NSW major events industry, Infrastructure NSW announced today (26 November).

Tenders to design, build, operate and remove Glebe Island Expo closed earlier this month and bids are now being assessed.

“The five bidding teams include leading national and international architects and events, construction and logistics companies,” project director Tim Parker said.
“Creating a high-quality interim venue at Glebe Island will ensure Sydney remains number one for the all-important events industry, which generates more than $100 million in economic benefit for the NSW economy every year.”

The NSW Government and the private sector are partnering to build Australia’s largest and first fully-integrated convention, exhibition and entertainment facilities at Darling Harbour. Construction will take place from late 2013 to late 2016.

Glebe Island Expo will host exhibitions and trade shows while this construction work takes place, as part of a Sydney-wide solution. Glebe Island Expo is expected to be constructed as a marquee-style structure. Modern design and technology allows for interim facilities that create a feeling of permanence, space and comfort. While detailed plans will be developed by the successful tenderer, it is expected Glebe Island Expo will offer exhibition space of up to 25,000 square metres.

Tenderers for the project have been asked for proposals which include an exhibition space of at least 15,000 square metres, and an additional space of up to 10,000 square metres to temporarily expand for larger events.

It is also expected to include event-related food and beverage facilities, such as pop-up cafes and restaurants, a weather-proofed and climate controlled environment and loading-dock facilities. Companies have also been asked to develop a solution using reusable and recycled materials wherever possible as part of their bids.

The successful tenderer is expected to be selected in December 2012. Glebe Island Expo is expected to start operating by late 2013.

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