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Marriott Sydney Harbour first to table a new meeting concept

Marriott Sydney Harbour is the first property in Australasia to install Reveal Duo naked/clothless meeting tables that can be transformed from a standard trestle table to a narrow conference table and back again in a matter of seconds.

The US-built Mity-Lite Reveal Duo tables are aesthetically smart, lightweight, operator-friendly, strong and durable and will lead to reduced linen, laundry, setup time and labour costs, according to Jamie Glaister, national sales manager of Australian-owned Innova Group, a leading supplier of furniture to the Australasian hotels and the meetings industry which has an exclusive regional sales agreement with Mity-Lite.

Innova Group’s Graham Smith (left) and Jamie Glaister with the new Reveal Duo meeting table.

“It’s a bit cheeky, but given there has been no significant change in meeting room tables for decades, we’re calling this a ‘Revealution’ for the local meetings industry,” Glaister said. “Conference spaces have evolved, now tables have finally caught up with this naked, lightweight, contemporary two-tables-in-one concept.”

The Marriott delivery marks the first tables of their kind to be installed in Australia, he said.

Glaister said that as well as the potential cost savings, Marriott Sydney Harbour sought a modern table solution to complement the new decor of its transformed conference and event space and so set the facility apart from its Five-star competition in Sydney,” he said.

The brief also included a lightweight solution that provided improved Occupational Health and Safety compliance, a table capable of heavy use for years, was completely reliable day-in day-out and allowed for a quick transformation of a boardroom setup to a classroom setup in the same room.

Innova Group’s 150-unit order includes a suite of Mity-Lite tables (Reveal Duo, round banquet and standard trestle) as well as custom-made half round tables with Innova Infinity Edge and Innova carts for transporting and storing the tables.

Established in 1987, Mity-Lite has manufactured and sold over three million tables, of which most remain under its exclusive factory warranty to this day.

Glaister said the Reveal Duo tables were the only clothless tables to come with a 15-year factory warranty and at just 26kg, the standard Reveal Duo was lighter than most clothless narrow tables on the market and around 10kg lighter than most clothless standard tables.

The tables can hold 900kg of weight so can be used for heavy display as well and the table top is made of commercial scratch-resistant laminate.

While Mity-Lite offers 16 standard colour combinations or over 50 premium colour combinations, customer-specified finishes are also available which is why they are such an attractive and fresh proposition for interior designers and architects,  Glaister said.