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Sydney’s Puntino offers team pizza making- Win a Free Class!

Sydney’s Puntino owner Tony Sabia has opened his kitchen to share his knowledge and love for woodfired pizza with guests at regular pizza making classes, perfect for corporate team bonding or social events.

Groups can step into the kitchen of Sydney’s Puntino Trattoria and participate in a hands-on pizza making class

Held on Saturday mornings at Woolloomooloo restaurant Puntino for $80 per person head, the small, hands-on classes teach guests how to make true Italian pizza from scratch.

Outgoing host Tony starts the class by educating guests on the basic history of pizza, and the differences between pizzas from around the world. He then teaches guests to make pizza dough from scratch, using fresh, quality ingredients, and providing insider tips and tricks.

“The right ingredients are so important when making pizzas – things such as the type of flour and even the temperature of the water used to make the dough make all the difference”, he says. Guests are then guided through making dough for themselves, before kneading and rolling it so it will produce the kind of thin, crispy based pizza Tony prides himself on at Puntino.

A large selection of toppings are provided for everyone to choose from so they can make their own ultimate pizza, just the way they like it. Pizzas are then cooked fresh in the woodfire, with guests taking their own pizza in and out of the oven. Many are surprised to discover it is a lot harder than it looks!

The class finishes with a feast of the pizzas created, enjoyed with complementary Italian wine.

Contact Tony at Puntino to find out more about how you can use the experience as a delicious team bonding experience.

Win a Class for Two with SpiceNews!
Want to take a friend and give the class a try yourself? Email us at by clicking here.  before 5 p.m. Sydney time on Tuesday, the 31st and you could take a mate for free.