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Avocado Group and Amory Catering develop partnership

Avocado Group  has formalised their long standing alliance with Amory Catering to become strategic partners for corporate and event catering.

This new partnership sees the two companies seize the opportunity to offer a wider range of services to their clients and venue partners whilst taking advantage of the benefits derived from resource sharing and internal efficiencies.

Sydney-based Amory Catering and Avocado Group have announced a strategic partnership.

Ian Martin, managing director, Avocado Group, embarked on a strategic review of the business in mid 2011.

“After identifying the strengths of Avocado Group, we saw a real opportunity to strategically align with a specialist in corporate catering. Together we form a formidable team and are now able to provide a complete range of catering services to the entire market.

“Today we announce the formalisation of our relationship with Amory Catering, a company we have worked closely with for many years,” said  Martin.

Adam Hanley, managing director of caterer Amory Catering  is on the Board of the Restaurant and Catering Association of Australia with Martin who is currently the NSW President. Amory Catering was established in 1932 and has traded continually since that time. 

Hanley is thrilled to align the two businesses that each offer unique services to their specific markets, yet both value excellence in all they do.

“Together Avocado Group and Amory Catering form a highly successful catering conglomerate. We now have the skills, resources and capacity to deliver on a scale few of our competitors can.”

Avocado Group will continue to provide specialty high end events catering with a strong focus on venue partnerships. Amory Catering will continue to specialise in business to business corporate catering of all sizes. 


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