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Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre offers free Wi-Fi

The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) is now offering free Wi-Fi to visitors, delegates and exhibitors, helping them stay connected.

Starting now, all visitors at the Centre will be able to browse the internet and check emails while out of the office from wherever they are within the venue, free of charge.

The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre is now offering free Wi-Fi.

Following in the footsteps of other convention centres and adhering to best practice service standards, the GCCEC’s general manager Adrienne Readings said the initiative will meet conferencing expectations and technological support requirements.

“Our free Wi-Fi service makes it easy for our conferencing clients and exhibitors to not only stay connected with each other, but also keep in touch with the office,” she said.

“The GCCEC brings world-class events to the Gold Coast and meeting the benchmark standards within the industry ensures our product is among the best and most flexible.”

The GCCEC’s free Wi-Fi service is suitable for business and personal email, social networking and browsing.

For bandwidth intensive browsing visitors can seamlessly upgrade to premium wireless service (faster speeds) which comes at one of the most competitive rates in the country.

Adrienne added that the free wireless service meets a key functional requirement in today’s conferencing environment, where it plays a significant role in delegate communication.

“It’s not only a medium for delegates to communicate with each other, but also a way for our staff to monitor our clients’ needs during events,” she said.

Meeting our clients’ expectations by providing a service for delegates on the go is something we are proud to announce and another benchmark step for the venue.”