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Fiji’s Sigatoka River Safari launches new Off-Road Caves Safari

Award winning Sigatoka River Safari in Fiji has launched a new tour, Off-Road Cave Safari- the only off road safari taking passengers to Naihehe Cave, Fiji’s largest Cave system, where passengers learn about its fascinating history.

The Off-Road Cave Safari came about as a natural transition that complements the existing Sigatoka River Safari.

“Passengers on the Sigatoka River Safari hear about the cave and are amazed by its history, so this is an opportunity for them to actually visit the cave and see it first hand,’ says Jay Whyte, managing director, Sigatoka River Safari.

The Off-Road Cave Safari begins in Sigatoka Town where passengers are driven into the interior of the Sigatoka Valley and along the way learn more about the history of the area and why it’s referred to as Fiji’s Salad Bowl. Here the real adventure begins!

The group jumps on all terrain vehicles (ATVs) and drive down to the river side where passengers and their ATVs hop on a ‘bilibili’ or ‘push-push punt’ and learn how the Fijians transported their rafts, or in this case their barge across the river. Once the barge reaches the other side passengers hop back on their ATV’s and head further inland along a rarely used road.

“Guests will be amazed by the spectacular scenery and each guide stops at particular points to share interesting stories from the valley. Being in the ATV’s is not only exciting but it allows guests to take in the beautiful scenery in open air comfort.” said Jay.

Guests and their ATV’s hop on a ‘bilibili’ or ‘push-push punt’ and learn how the Fijians transported their rafts, or in this case their barge across the river.

After the ATV’s arrive at Naihehe Cave the group present their sevusevu (kava) to the ‘betes’ (priests), the traditional protectors of the Naihehe Cave, asking for permission to enter the cave.

Once inside the cave, guests will learn that the Naihehe Cave, which at more than 170 meters long, means ‘a place where you can get lost’, was once a fortress for a cannibal tribe and still contains a cannibal oven, a ritual platform, a sacred priest chamber and other reminders of its cannibal history. The group also learns how enemies would be attacked trying to enter the ‘pregnancy gap’ of the cave. This passage way is little more than head high above the waterline and must be squeezed through to get into the main cave chamber, so enemies would be unprepared when attacked.

This tour gives passengers a first had experience of the caves – from the water up to your calf muscles as you first enter, to entry into the main chamber being at crouching height – they can really imagine and experience what life inside the cave was like.

After exploring the caves a fresh lunch is enjoyed by all before heading back to the ATV’s and beginning the homeward journey. This too is a memorable experience as your guides stop along the way allowing all guests the opportunity to shake hands with and meet the locals, passengers can also enjoy a refreshing swim in the river.

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