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Staging Rentals creates mega-prop for AFL Grand Final Cup

One of Staging Rentals & Construction Service’s largest props created  recently was the AFL Grand Final Cup for the pre-game entertainment at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG.)

With over 98,000 packed into the stands and, at peak, 3.20 million viewers tuning in to watch Geelong conquer Collingwood; a Staging Rentals masterpiece was on display for all to see.

The Grand Final Cup repilca stood nearly 8 metres high and 4.5 metres wide.

A grand final cup replica created for Peter Jones Special Events, kicked off the most-watched event of the year to date. The cup was made from aluminium frame clad with luaun and polystyrene, and stood 7.8 metres high and 4.5 metres wide.

The construction was designed to break down into five major components, firstly so the construction abided by the MCG’s demanding parameters, secondly, so the finished product could be transported through the vomitory, and finally so the cup could be disassembled within 15 minutes of the pre-game entertainment concluding.

Staging Rentals also had to construct a unique ‘buggy’, with special wheels to make the replica mobile – all of which had to be specifically built to suit the MCG’s specifications.


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