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Prahran Mission encourages social responsibilty

Prahran Mission’s newest initiative The Mission Caters is holding an interactive showcase event, ‘Mission with a View’ which will introduce their $6.6 million newly renovated heritage listed building, retail stores and catering services to promote Social Firm business model within Australia.

With a vision that every that every person has a right to live a decent life, Prahran Mission’s Trainee Gavin serves cupcakes made by The Mission Caters 

As a part of the Social Firm, The Mission Caters offers a catering experience to clients whilst supporting the community. Prahran Mission’s social firm’s workforce consists of 25 – 50% long term unemployed and disadvantaged employees who are suffering from mental illness. With over 2.4 million Australian’s suffering from mental illness over the next year, The Mission Caters initiative aims to break down the stigmas associated with mental illness, creating training and employment opportunities.

The ‘Mission with a View’ will be held at Prahran Mission’s community run café, Hartley’s Café on Chapel Street, Prahran on 14 September 2011

‘Mission with a View’ is a platform to promote Prahran Missions two main social firms, The Mission Caters and The Mission Store. The Mission Caters offers an onsite catering business and unique venue options, and The Mission Store has three retail outlets that offer retro themed fashion and varied goods for purchase while servicing the community needs.

‘Misison with a View’ will be an interactive evening of fashion, food and art showcased by the variety of spaces offered at Prahran Mission’s  roof top venue with its breath taking view and will serve as an opportunity for Melbournians to support Prahran Mission and their community

“The Mission Caters is passionate about offering boutique catering to our clients and is proud that we are continuing to create training opportunities for our community. Therefore we invite all of you to attend ‘Mission with a View’, to experience all that we has to offer.” said Laura Rega, The Mission Caters’ event strategy manager.

‘Mission with a View’ is a free, invite only event that will take place at Prahran Mission, 211 Chapel Street, Prahran VIC 3181 on 14th September between 6pm – 10pm. 

If you are interested in being a potential sponsor, partner or supplier please send in your email to or contact Stephanie Barge on 0450 834 544

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