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ExpoNet’s UK partnership brings new furniture concept to shows

A range of bespoke furniture that has featured at such high-profile events as London Fashion Week and the Good Food Show will soon be introduced to Australia’s exhibition floors thanks to a new partnership between ExpoNet and UK supplier Pennybanks.

ExpoNet has announced an exclusive licensing deal with the award-winning furniture hire contractor, which will see the company manufacture Pennybanks’ unique colour coordinated furniture under the ExpoNet banner from early 2012.

ExpoNet CEO, Jim Delahunty said the partnership would allow Australian exhibition and event organisers and corporate companies to create furniture and feature areas in colours specifically matched to their individual company logos and corporate identities without breaking their budget.

“Pennybanks’ reusable furniture has been designed specifically for the exhibition hire market and since the items are colour lacquered each time they are hired, they always look fresh and new,” said Delahunty.

“Their range has proven an incredibly popular and cost-effective alternative to expensive custom-made furniture in the UK and we’re looking forward to bringing it to Australia’s exhibition and event market for the first time.”

With distinctive product designs for feature areas such as bars, media rooms, networking lounges and reception areas, Pennybanks has made its mark at a series of major events including the Good Food Show, the Frieze Art Fair, and London Fashion Week.

Company CEO, Penny Horner visited Australia in May to inspect ExpoNet’s operations and production facilities before sealing the new partnership.

“This will be the first time our product range and designs have been manufactured and distributed outside the UK and, in ExpoNet, we’ve found an ideal partner to further increase the profile of our designs and make an impression at a whole new series of exhibitions and events,” said Banks.

ExpoNet’s new bespoke furniture range will be available to order in early 2012.


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