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Adelaide Convention Centre’s new projection technology

The Adelaide Convention Centre showcased their newly acquired technology at the recent 20 Sixteen and Beyond event, including six of the best projectors on the market , Christie HD18K.

The Adelaide Convention Centre has recently showcased their new projection technology at a recent event.

The new technology, which also includes two new Line Array Public Address (PA) systems and a SteadiCam stabilising camera mount, are part of the Centre’s commitment to delivering the best possible experience for conference delegates.

ACC technical services manager, Mark Stewart said the investment in new technology will keep ACC at the forefront of the industry in Australia and the region.

“The Christie HD projectors will enable us to achieve outstanding projection through our Spyder edge blending device, and allow us to create very large, incredibly bright and true colour images on the walls at client conferences and events,” said Stewart.

“At the 20 Sixteen and Beyond event, we projected images that spanned 30 metres.”

The new technology allows for large scale projections at events.

“The Line Array PA systems provide us with detailed control over sound direction and the depth of sound will provide clients with a rich audio experience.

“The SteadiCam will create smooth camera work by allowing for fluid movement, even when the operator is moving quickly or over uneven surfaces.”
The recent acquisition of new technology is part of an ongoing review process by ACC with continual investments being made into enhancing the delegate’s audio visual experience.

To view the work of the Christie Projectors in action click on the video below: