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New categories launched for 2011 Australian Event Awards

The Australian Event Awards will be more encompassing than ever in 2011, with new and improved categories and questions.

Based on feedback from last year, some categories have been combined or altered to better match the nature of our industry, such as Best Technical Achievement or Innovation and Best Cultural, Arts or Music Event. Check out the categories here.

The new category for Best Regional Event focuses on the unique aspects of staging regional events and will recognise those that make a special contribution to a region or community outside a major population centre. Events from regional areas should of course continue to enter any applicable category, and continue the strong representation seen across the board in previous years.

And for all those Australians demonstrating our skills overseas, they can now enter their work in the Best Achievement categories, as long as the achievement was made by an Australian citizen.

Don’t forget to examine the whole list of categories to find the one that will give you the best chance of winning, and get to it before June 30 to get your entry fees into your 2011 tax return and this year’s budget. Hop online and begin your entry today.