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Sydney’s City Hotel comes to life with deadside

Sydney’s City Hotel came to life last week as approximately 150 guests attended a fundraising event, The Deadside Voodoo Party.

Over 150 guests attended the Deadside Voodoo Party, held last week in Sydney

The event, held to raise funds for the launch for an upcoming television show currently in production and developed by SL8IT Productions. The event included a wide variety of entertainment from drumming group Drumbala and Urban Stone to comedians Arnie Pie and Paul Michael Ayre as well as martial arts performances from two of Australia’s best martial arts champions.

Drumming group Drumbala was one of several entertainers for the event

Deadside is a drama/action series currently scheduled ‘air’ on Halloween this year via VODO’s Distribution Coalition (DISCO). DISCO uses the Torrent network which has in excess of 100 million users. Distribution will then flow on with a halo effect and distribute via all other digital TV methods like Google TV and Apple TV.

The event, held at Sydney’s City Hotel also included martial arts performances

It is the first kind of production in Australia which is using the new cutting edge digital TV distribution method.

Deadside is the first show to go out to such a wide and diverse audience across all digital TV networks, because of the flexible Creative Commons licensing being used by SL8IT to allow such broad exposure.

For more information on the production of the series or to watch a teaser, click here.

See more from the event by clicking on the video below:

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