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Austage manages mega-sized Melbourne Fashion event


The largest fashion event in the world; 1 week, 10 venues, over 25 Runway shows and an audience totalling nearly 25,000 makes the AV production for the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) challenging at the best of times.

Austage has managed the AV production for Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival for the last 6 years.

Austage is now in their sixth year working with L’Oreal for the event staging a variety of events for a wide range of clients such as the week long runway shows at the Peninsula Room Central Pier, a three day business seminar at the Sofitel Melbourne and the new opening event – ‘Fashion Fullstop – in the new Melbourne Convention Centre Plenary Hall.

Austage Melbourne, headed up by Chris Browne, Rod Marrison and Nick Ellul, spoke to SpiceNews about the level od commitment and support Austage dedicates to the event each year.

Browne provides LMFF with technical direction and support and is the bridge between the creative and the realistic. He works with the Festival over four months to provide a new look for each event, every year.

“From about October/November we start planning for this one week. We allocate crew to each event, taking past experience into account to maintain a consistent working team for the events,” he said.

Austage Melbourne’s Matt Wilson managed the new ‘Fashion Rocks’ opening event, the largest Australian Designer Fashion parade ever.

Each year every location provides its own unique challenges. This year the main challenges arose from the LMFF crafting a more exciting festival by introducing some new events like ‘Fashion Rocks’ and ‘Red Carpet. ‘

With an audience of over 3500, “Fashion Rocks” featured artists such as Guy Sebastian, Marcia Hines, Mark Seymour, Russel Morris and “Owl Eyes and the Metals” with choreographed dance routines and an eight piece band led by Dorian West and Guest DJ’s.

This was just the beginning of the week. The LMFF’s main event, this year at Shed 14 Central Pier, was looking for a new slick look. The Runway shows needed some visual punch. Austage Melbourne purchased 100 panels of 4mm Pitch Sinolight LED Panels.

New event, ‘Fashion Rocks’ saw over 3,500 attend with plenty of celebrity entertainment.

Two screens 3.8m x 2.1m were hung either side of the catwalk exit. The Sinolight LED walls were used to provide a bright image amongst the hot lights. Clarity and colour reproduction were of the utmost importance and with 16 bit processing and the latest Black LED technology, the vision proved to be stunning.




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