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Sunshine Coast Tourism left high and dry

The Sunshine Coast tourism industry is calling for people to reconsider cancelling their events and travel to Queensland after finding itself high and dry with up to 100% cancellations as a result of this month’s floods.

Acknowledging the terrible tragedy of the floods in Queensland, CEO of Sunshine Coast Destination Ltd Michael Denton said that as the state moved from crisis to recovery, the Sunshine Coast was in economic clean-up mode.

“We have all been devastated to watch the damage and heartbreak these floods have inflicted on our fellow Queenslanders,” said Denton.

“The Sunshine Coast is open for business and the sun is shining, yet we have reports from tourism operators of 100% cancellations. Some operators have not had a single booking since Christmas.

“Our tourism industry has been decimated, not by flood waters, but by the perception that the entire state of Queensland is flood-affected,” he said.

“We know we are supremely lucky to have avoided loss of property and life, but we want to stem the economic fallout here and in other tourism regions and so we are urging people to get online, book a holiday to the Sunshine Coast, to Queensland.”

Denton said that despite suffering an economic fallout, the Sunshine Coast tourism industry was reaching out to help flood victims, raising money and offering support and services.

“Our tourism industry has already reached out, offering accommodation to flood victims, or extending the stay of those who were here when their homes were damaged.

“Yet whilst we are reaching out, at the same time our industry is hurting badly. We will all be better placed to continue helping flood victims if our industry is buoyed by the support of visitors.”

Tourism contributes approximately $1.56 billion to the Sunshine Coast economy and directly provides one in every five jobs in the region.

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