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SpiceNews teams up with Event Famil

SpiceNews and sister publication Spice Magazine have teamed up with social networking site Event Famil to provide the latest industry news via the event famil website.

As the leading social networking site dedicated to the events industry, event famil is a professional networking tool created for the meetings, business and special events industry.

The site includes, blogs, discussion boards to chat about the latest issues and trends and best of all is free to use.

The event industry is all about creative ideas and networking, and SpiceNews is absolutely thrilled to link our site up with a a site that provides so many tools for idea sharing and collaboration.

SpiceNews is proud to be the dedicated news source provider, via RSS Feed to the event famil website, getting all the industry news out faster than any other event industry news services, twice a week.

For more information on Event Famil, click here.

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