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Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre launches new food and wine micro-site

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre’s (MCEC) food and wine philosophy has been encapsulated in a new online resource, allowing visitors to learn about the MCEC’s commitment to creating sustainable and inspiring food for events of any size.

The F&B team at the Melbourne Convention and
Exhibition Centre have launched M Food and Wine

Recently launched, the M Food and Wine micro-site is divided into three sections: ‘A Sustainable Approach’, ‘Planning Your Menu’ and ‘Everything Food and Wine’.

‘A Sustainable Approach’ tells the story of the MCEC’s food and wine philosophy and how we work with our Victorian suppliers. This section also introduces a selection of the MCEC’s local producers including Red Hill Cheese, Yarra Valley Salmon and Sher Wagyu Beef.

‘Planning Your Menu’ will allow event organisers to explore the menu options at the MCEC, gain inspiration from a library of event case studies and discover how the MCEC selects its local Victorian wines. Visitors can also meet the MCEC chefs and learn about the depth of experience and talent they bring to the kitchens.

The final section, ‘Everything Food and Wine’, features MCEC food and wine news, kitchen tips from the chefs and advice on selecting and serving Victorian wines.

Frank Burger, the MCEC’s food and beverage manager, says: “The new M Food and Wine micro-site is a valuable resource for event planners, delegates and visitors to the MCEC providing a unique insight into our food and wine philosophy.

“We are leading the way with innovative food and wine by focusing on local Victorian produce and preparing all food in-house, right down to baking our own breads and pastries.”

Explore the M Food and Wine micro-site by clicking here.