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Australian Event Awards partners with PCO Association

The Australian Event Awards has announced a new partnership with the PCO Association.

“The PCO Association chose to support the Australian Event Awards because of their credibility across all sections of the Meetings Industry. The awards are accessible to all, not just our members, and we think this is a fair assessment of winning performance. We encourage our members to participate if they wish compete in a truly national field of entrants,” said PCO Association councillor Peter Sugg.

The partnership is a positive step for the Australian event industry according to the event’s executive producer, Jeremy Miller.

“The Australian Event Awards is about recognising and rewarding excellence and innovation across the entire industry. Collaboration and partnerships with leading organisations such as the PCO Association can only be good for the industry as a whole,” Miller said.

Entries for the 2010 Australian Event Awards close on 26th July. If you are involved in creating, planning, managing or supplying to events then you have five weeks to complete your entry and be recognised for your work. The full list of categories and all entry details can be found by clicking here.