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ACEM and Spice announce winner of Young Event Manager of the Year

The Australian Centre for Event Management (ACEM) and Spice News are pleased to announce that Lisa Hoskin, Events Coordinator for the Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association, is the lucky recipient of the ACEM ‘Young Event Manager of the Year Competition’, winning a spot in the prestigious ACEM Executive Certificate short course.

Since their inception at the University of Technology Sydney in 1999, the ACEM courses have developed a renowned global reputation, recognised for the combination of practical activities, case-studies on best practice and invaluable opportunities to network with industry leaders.

In discussing her greatest achievement in event management to date, Lisa Hoskin was named the winner for playing an integral role in CowParade, a four-month public art exhibition in Margaret River, gaining skills in sponsorship, marketing, PR, operations and logistics with over 56 sponsors, 30 hosts, 75 artists, 85 life sized fiberglass cows and thousands of visitors to the region.

“I’ve always been interested in the ACEM courses and manger has previously taken part in the Executive Certificate and found it worthwhile, recommending that I apply. The course is a great extension of what I do in my everyday role plus what I have previously studied at university, but is much more targeted to provide real world experience and case studies,” said Hoskin.

“The ACEM is a well recognised institution so it will be a great addition to my experience – both for my current role at the Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association (AMRTA) and for my own event management business Functionality Events which I am just getting off the ground.”

With less than one month until the annual ACEM Executive Certificate courses begin across Australia, there is still time to register and further your skills and experience in event management and marketing.

While ACEM courses do provide an introduction to the industry for graduates or young professionals, advanced event managers will also benefit from training with ACEM to keep abreast of industry trends and innovations.

The ACEM Executive Certificate is being held at University of Technology, Sydney from July 6 to 9 (unit A) and September 27-29 (unit B); at Victoria University in Melbourne from June 28 to July 1; at Christie Conference Centre in Brisbane from July 12 to 15; and in Perth from November 15 to 18 (location to be confirmed).

For more information on the ACEM Executive Certificate, click here.  


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