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Tourism Australia launches second phase of Business Events CSR Audit

Tourism Australia is calling on the business events sector to participate in the second of its groundbreaking national corporate social responsibility (CSR) audit.

An important tool for collating up-to-date evidence of Australia’s CSR credentials, the audit will be used to underpin Tourism Australia’s marketing of Australia as a sustainable business events destination. An electronic survey will be distributed to business events operators, including hotels, venues and special event companies, to further assess the extent of CSR credentials across Australia’s business events sector.

Tourism Australia’s managing director, Andrew McEvoy said the survey would update the findings of the first CSR audit, undertaken in the second half of 2008.

“Buyers are increasingly seeking evidence of a destination’s CSR capabilities when deciding on where to hold their business events and Tourism Australia remains committed to delivering hard evidence of Australia’s credentials in this area,”  McEvoy said. “The results of the second CSR audit will be used to inform our trade marketing programs around the world and strengthen the Australia’s proposition as a business events destination.”

The survey will collect details about the extent and levels of accreditation; the breadth of sustainable product available; examples of sustainable business practices, programs and projects; and steps being taken to develop CSR credentials across Australia’s business events sector with results published in June 2010 in an updated version of the National CSR Audit Report, which Tourism Australia first published in February 2009.

Tourism Australia’s Head of Business Events Australia, Joyce DiMascio said the audit would assist in giving Australia a greater competitive advantage in the global marketplace and she encouraged business events operators to complete the survey.

“As a long-haul destination, it is important that Australia highlights the achievements and innovations of its venues and facilities and reinforces its position at the forefront of sustainable tourism to attract business events,” DiMascio said. “CSR is a core pillar of the Business Events Australia brand and underpins everything we do including our marketing initiatives and unique events such as Dreamtime and the Team Australia Business Events Educational (TABEE).”

For more information on Tourism Australia’s business events activity, click here.

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