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The Weee Soccer

In celebration of the upcoming FIFA World Cup, venues, bars and clubs are jumping on board to incite a bit of Soccer fun in the least likely place- the men’s loo!

The Weee Soccer game, now available for venues is likely to be the quirkiest product we’ve spotted lately. A urinal soccer game that both keeps the men’s bathrooms cleaner and certainly creates a talking point among patrons.

The Weee Soccer game adds some World Cup fun to the least likely place.

First spotted in Europe in the 1970’s venues transformed their urinals into an interactive experience that was a powerful word of mouth marketing campaign. Building on top of the urinal mat that is required to prevent gum, cigarettes or other rubbish clogging the drain, bars and restaurants began to add soccer nets with a hanging ball on top of the mat. The simple urinal game proved a huge success and was widely sold and distributed throughout Western Europe in small un-branded quantities.

The game brings a fun twist to any venue or office and comes in a 2 pack (includes 2 deodorizing mats, 2 bases and 2 soccer net sets) for $14.95

The Weee Soccer games can be purchased in Godfreys stores Australia-wide or online by clicking here.