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Spice Stand Awards Return to RSVP

Exhibitors at next week’s RSVP Melbourne event are encouraged to put their best stand forward as the Spice Magazine RSVP Exhibitor awards will again take place for 2010.

After the successful launch of the awards at both RSVP Melbourne and Sydney shows in 2009 and well as the Australian Business Events Expo in Sydney

Categories include Best Small Stand (9 square metres or smaller) Best Large Stand (Over 9 square metres) as well as Best New Product.

Winners receive immediate recognition at the show through a variety of channels as well as online here at

Winners of each category will be announced at 10 AM on the opening of Day Two of the Exhibition.

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to see all the winners from the Melbourne 2009 show.

Click here to see all the winners from the Sydney 2009 show.

Click here to see the winners from the 2009 Australian Business Events Expo.

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