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MCEC launches bold new menu concept

Demonstrating commitment to Victorian producers and growers, the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), has refused to use a set menu for events, instead tailor-making each menu based on the best seasonal produce and making everything in-house.

The MCEC sources produce and wines from every major region of Victoria, priding itself on using environmentally responsible producers and growers.

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre has launched a very unique menu concept for events, taking guests on a culinary tour of regional Victoria

The MCEC’s food and beverage team are now offering clients a sustainable menu which is illustrated by individual placemats in the form of a map of Victoria indicating for diners the exact region and producer or vineyard where the food or wine they are enjoying has come from.

Food and beverage manager Frank Burger says with consumers increasingly wanting to know the source of the food they are eating, the ‘Taste of Victoria’ placemat concept (as seen in photo above) means they can simply move their plate aside and see exactly where the strawberries they are about to eat are grown, or where the fish in their main dish is reared.

The wine list is also sourced from diverse growing regions across the state which Burger personally sources himself, while beer comes from west Gippsland producer Grand Ridge Beer.

“Whether it’s veal from Warragul; Yarra Valley Salmon roe; Daylesford’s Tuki Springs smoked trout or Gippsland lamb, our philosophy is to develop inspiring, seasonally-driven menus where diners can be reassured with the knowledge that what they’re eating is the freshest and highest quality local produce available.”