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Asahi Silver and Black launches at aMBUSH Gallery

Asahi Super Dry beer last Wednesday (28 April) launched Asahi Silver + Black, a unique combination of art, photography, fashion and design culture to more than 150 invited guests at aMBUSH Gallery in Sydney’s Waterloo.

Sydney’s aMBUSH Gallery hosted the launch
of the Asahi Silver + Black event last week

A concept born from the aesthetic of the famous silver and black Asahi Super Dry label and Asahi’s history of cutting edge design, Asahi will also exhibit a variety of obscure vintage Asahi objects and artefacts, alongside a range of prints, sketches, installations, photography, fashion and live creative events. It was the first time Asahi collaborated with internationally renowned artists with each piece will have a common thread – the Japanese notion of ‘wabi-sabi’ – finding beauty in imperfect things.

Guests dined on fared served up by Gastronomy and guests (of course) enjoyed lots of Asahi.

One of the highlights of the Asahi Silver + Black exhibition is the Karakuchi Project, a collection of work from six international artists who were specially selected to contribute their own interpretation of the Japanese characters ‘Karakuchi’ (Japanese translation for ‘crisp, dry taste’) featured on the Asahi Super Dry label.

The exhibition saw a variety of artworks all
reflecting a common theme – finding beauty in imperfection

Collaborations with other creative brands included men’s watch makers  Casio/G Shock and popular skater shoe company DC, who have also embraced the ‘wabi-sabi’ concept. Casio/G Shock has joined forces with multimedia artist, Rhett Dashwood, presenting a unique interpretation of the concept of time, while DC presented a modern-day take on a centuries-old tradition with an installation that parallels the ancient values of the Samurai with the modern day skater.

The event saw T-World stage Hit + Run, the successful live screen-printing events that started in LA and are now renowned throughout the world.

For further information on the Asahi Silver + Black exhibition and a full list of featured artists click here.


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