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Travellers reveal all in Zuji survey

Online booking engine Zuji has released findings from a light-hearted national survey of its customers which asked them to reveal all – on their hotel likes, dislikes, habits and secret behaviour.

Travellers have revealed all in the latest Zuji survey

From over 2,500 female and 1,700 male respondents, results range from the predictable to the shocking, from reassuring to implausible, and are as fascinating as they are revealing.

Zuji’s survey was conducted online over the past four months and some of the findings included:

-Getting “lucky”- or just getting breakfast in bed? Three times as many men as women choose hotels for the former.

-The majority of men choose to stay in hotels with lovers rather than their partners, while women prefer their friends to their partners.

-Consumers are definitely less ‘green’ when on holidays: nearly a third of all respondents take longer showers and use fresh towels everyday when staying in hotels than at home, with women as the worst offenders.

-When asked about which celebrity they would like to spend a weekend with in a hotel… after George Clooney and Jennifer Hawkins, both men and women selected Austereo’s drive-time DJ’s, Hamish and Andy, together. And twice as many men as women chose Tiger Woods… not for the golf.

-Of all the states and territories, Canberrans topped the list for staying away from home in hotels most often.

-The pet hate at hotels? Overall, people are most frustrated when getting to the top floor of their hotel only to realise the key card won’t work.

-And is honesty the best policy? When it comes to stealing from hotels, men prefer to take the towels and bathrobe whilst women go for the toiletries.

Personal preferences aside, ZUJI found that nearly 50 per cent of respondents stay in hotels between four and 10 times or more a year.