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McDonald’s constructs adult sized playland in Sydney CBD

McDonald’s has invited the workers of the Sydney CBD to discover their inner child by constructing a giant version of their famous children’s playland over the forecourt of Customs House at Sydney’s Circular Quay yesterday and today (March 29-30)

The McDonald’s Playland is double the size of those made famous at their restaurants across Australia measuring at 10 metres high by 20 metres wide. It contains slides, tunnels, an adult-size aeroplane, helicopter and giant bus.

The adult-sized McDonald’s Play Land attracted plenty of attention yesterday in Sydney’s Circular Quay

Additionally a three-metre tall Officer Big Mac, a Ronald McDonald bench reaching 2.5 metres high, a retro Grimace cage and Hamburglar swing were also included.

Sydney office workers and tourists were in awe the sight which invited them to “bring fun back to adults in the city.”

“This adult-sized Playland allows us to forget about the deadlines, budgets and stresses of life and just revel in this incredible childhood arcadia,” said McDonald’s ANZ director of marketing, Halen Farquhar. “Adult life carries many restrictions so we want to remind people that McDonald’s is still a place were you can have fun, be yourself and not be judged. A place where you feel like a kid again.

“And the best part is the McDonald’s characters we loved as kids are back old school style giving us the opportunity to reclaim our childhood, to look at the world through younger eyes again and just lose ourselves – if only for a minute,” she added.

The playland took set construction company Gregsets eight weeks to build, almost entirely by hand. Others involved in the experiential marketing event creation are DDB, production house Revolver, Rhinoplay and art director Karen Murphy.

The playland has been opened up for the playing pleasure of more than 300 everyday Australians as part of the filming of a McDonald’s TV commercial. The largest single set ever built in Australia for a TV commercial, the Playland is double the size of those normally found in McDonald’s restaurants around Australia. The launch date for the commercial campaign is yet to be announced.

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