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Luna Park hosts Sky Sports Radio’s Big Sports Lunch

When Michael Slater and TK (Terry Kennedy) hit the stage in the Crystal Palace at Luna Park last Friday (March 5), the popular breakfast program with a massive, loyal following on Sky Sports Radio, came face to face with the audience that tune in every weekday.

Over 300 fans packed the Crystal Ballroom to listen to their heroes and numerous special guests attending the lunch. The Swan’s Jared Crouch, NZ league legend Gary Freeman, cricketer Stuart Clark, resident football expert Andy Paschalidis, TAB’s Glenn Munsie, Richard Freedman of the well known racing dynasty FBI (Freedman Brothers Incorporated), broadcaster Greg Radley and well known Sky racing man Andrew Bensley all made an appearance.

Event hosts Michael Slater and TK (Terry Kennedy) provided the opportunity for fans and radio listeners to engage with them face to face.

Sixteen year old, winner of ‘Australia’s Got Talent’, Mark Vincent kicked off the event with his rendition of the national anthem and Australian comic Paul Martell kept guest’s funny bones working with his comedic performance.

The event, produced by Hurricane Events’ James Nosworthy, is now the second of the annual ‘Big Sports Lunches’ that are sell-out year on year. Audio visual production was managed by Microhire while Luna Park’s executive chef Mark Taylor treated guests to a two course menu.

Sixteen year old, winner of ‘Australia’s Got Talent’, Mark Vincent opened the event by singing the national anthem.

The event concept was developed by Luna Park’s, general manager, sales Gary Daly and designed to bring the popular radio programme together with its audience.

“It gives Slats and TK a human face and allows them to communicate face to face with their loyal weekday audience and the audience gets to interface and ask questions of their sports heroes, plus they get a great lunch and a laugh thrown in” said Daly.

“Hopefully it will become an annual event,” he added.


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