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Dimmi Launches First Real-Time Online Restaurant Reservation Service

Now corporate organisers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane can book a business lunch, a private dining room or dinner for clients anytime, anywhere using Australia’s first real-time online reservations service using Dimmi.

Dimmi will be launching in Canberra later this year and Adelaide and Perth next year.

Stevan Premutico, Dimmi’s managing director.

In its first three months the online booking network saw 50,000 covers booked. Sixty-six per cent of those online bookings were made when restaurants were least equipped to handle bookings, with 23 percent booked while restaurants were closed and 43 percent made during peak service hours.

Restaurants already accepting real-time bookings through Dimmi include Sydney’s Quay, Bilson’s, Wildfire, Catalina, Flying Fish, Pier and Melbourne’s Flower Drum, The Italian, Oyster Little Bourke, The Deanery, Sapore, Balzari, Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, Gordon Ramsay’s Maze and Brisbane’s Restaurant Two, C’est Bon and Restaurant Rapide.

“The introduction of real-time restaurant reservations is long overdue for the Australian market,” said Stevan Premutico, Dimmi’s managing director.

“The concept has been hugely successful in the USA and UK markets for over a decade now and in 2009 over 40 million restaurant reservations were made online in real-time. Within the next five years we anticipate that 50 percent of restaurant bookings will be made online.”

Visit to make a booking now.