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VictorsFood Inspires MasterChef Teams

Hot off the MasterChef grand final, VictorsFood says there’s no better time for organisers to book a teambuilding or holiday party event with a competitive cooking challenge.

The VictorsFood MasterChef Challenge is a four-hour cooking class recreating the excitement of the MasterChef kitchen, with team members going head-to-head in a competition preparing up to eight dishes within a set timeframe.

Teambuilding ‘MasterChef style’ with VictorsFood.

The groups are judged on presentation, quality, creativity, time management and taste by a VictorsFood Chef.

“Everyone gets to enjoy the results in a sit-down meal at the end and prizes are awarded for best team, best team leader and best new apprentice,” said VictorsFood director Victor Pisapia.

“The wow factor in this class is what each team experiences as ‘customers’ in their very own restaurant. And just like in the television show, no previous cooking experience is necessary.”

The MasterChef Challenge is held at the VictorsFood Dank Street penthouse in Waterloo, Sydney, or at other venues on request. Class sizes start at eight people.

In addition to the new MasterChef Challenge, VictorsFood also offers three other teambuilding programs ranging from 45 minutes for a quick and cost effective team session to ‘two hour tapas’ programs.

For further information about The MasterChef Challenge or any of the other VictorsFood teambuilding programs, click here.

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