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Big Rig Pulls Into Sydney

By Gwen O’Toole

The Big Rig Diner at Ruby Rabbit opened with jukebox music, truckie-style comfort food and plenty of American diner paraphernalia on Wednesday (Jul 1).

Sydney’s newest roadside inspired eatery, the Big Rig Diner at Ruby Rabbit is now open for dining as well as private hire. With a simple, hearty comfort food menu, owners Phil Cawood and Paul Schell are proud to announce that culinary king Zachary Sykes will be heading the kitchen bringing years of experience from Fish Face and award-winning restaurant Omega.

The Big Rig at Ruby Rabbit is now open,
satisfying truckie-style apetities

Staying open until 3 a.m. to offer patrons the most indulgent late night snacks (or breakfast) served up with wi-fi access in an American style diner setting, complete with jukebox tunes.

Owners Schell and Cawood are particularly proud of the quality of food which they describe as “hearty and authentic”.

“The produce should take you somewhere geographicall, it’s the best level of humble, honest food with our sausages, beef, pies and poultry sourced from the best in the country,” said Schell. “The hot sauce for our chilli comes from a place in South America and we want to serve up the best snags money can buy.”

Waitresses at The Big Rig Diner

The Big Rig Diner is completed by a neon sign and neon clock and old-school diner-style waitresses ready to take patrons back in time.

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