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Face Your Fears at the Ultimate Extreme Retreat

Australia’s most thrilling and fearsome getaway is set to be held in the Byron Bay Hinterland this September, where people go stunt driving, abseiling, skydiving and freefalling before being ignited into human fireballs.


Get set on fire at the Ultimate Extreme Retreat

Hosted by Bollywood star Tania Zaetta, of the hit TV series Who Dares Wins, and held from September 11-13, Australia’s first Ultimate Extreme Retreat rivals its US counterparts in both content and location.

Conceived by business mentor and owner of the Universal Peace Retreat, Grant Hilton, the three day event promises to deliver adrenalin, inspiration and motivation.

“Refuse to be scared,” says Hilton, a student of the Dalai Lama and Sogyal Rinpoche. “The way out of pain and suffering is to watch and see a life threatening event rise up for you and observe what is happening without losing the balance of your mind. This is called mastering the mind. The retreat is appropriate for adults of all ages and fitness levels.

Participants will try their hand at stunt driving V8 supercars at high speeds on a race track, learning skills such as drifting, handbrake turns and skidpan training.

They will step over an oceanside sixty metre cliff. Attached to a climbing rope and wearing a harness they will descend, learning abseil moves such as inverted and upside down abseil.

Starting at low heights to gain aerial awareness and improve body control participants will work toward the ‘high fall’, falling off a tower to the safety of an air bag below.

Dressed in fire retardant clothing and balaclava, participants will then be painstakingly prepared by the safety team before fuel is applied to their clothing and they are ignited into human fireballs. They will perform for approximately 20 seconds before being extinguished.

They will then fall 4,000 feet in one of the ultimate thrills for a human being, skydiving. Attached to a professional tandem-master, they can enjoy the rush of freefall then fly under canopy of a parachute back to the drop zone.

Zaetta will be supported by trainer Colin Handley, who is a nine-time national black belt champion and who has been a stuntman for Arnold Swarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Tommy Lee Jones.

Handley founded the Australian Stunt Academy fifteen years ago, which now runs courses across the globe.

The Ultimate Extreme Retreat costs $8,950.00 including airport transfers, meals, accommodation the Universal Peace Retreat, located at Uki at the base of Mount Warning, and use of the Retreat’s spas and saunas.

Participants are taken to their stunt destinations by helicopter and limousine, and the entire experience will be professionally filmed, with participants given their own film of their personal adventure to take home.