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Doltone House Wins Family Business Award

By Gwen O’Toole
Sydney-based event venue Doltone House has been awarded the 2009 NSW & ACT Family Business Award in the Second Generation category.

The awards are open to all businesses owned and operated by a family or group of families and must have a solid record of financial stability, respect in their field, a commitment to the ideas of family business and demonstrate good corporate

Members of the Signorelli family pictured L to R: Steven
Cesarano, Anna Cesarano, Paul Signorelli, Carmela
Signorelli, Nina Milazzo, Vince Milazzo
Family Businesses Australia’s FBA chairman Terry Rowney applauded the Signorelli family for their achievements. “The company has not only built up an award-winning chain of venues for Sydney but has in the process encapsulated the warmth of their family into each one,” he said. 
Added Doltone House managing director Paul Signorelli: “We are thrilled to be recognised for our personal approach, not only toward our clients but the people in our business. They are just as passionate and dedicated, and extended part of our family.”

The awards consist of four categories: First Generation, where founders and owners manage the business; Second Generation where the children or family relations manage, and so on Third and Forth Generation categories.

Doltone House will continue to compete in the Second Generation award category at the National Family Business of the Year Awards to be held at Darwin in August.
Biaggio Signorelli purchased the first Doltone House venue in Sylvania Waters in 1995 and later added the Jones Bay Wharf venue at Pyrmont and the San Souci venue. After the passing of Biaggio, son and second generation family member Paul Signorelli has assumed the position of managing director, working alongside his wife, sisters and their spouses.
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