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Legs On the Wall Launches Teambuilding Concept

By Gwen O’Toole

Sydney-based entertainers Legs on the Wall have launched a unique team building experience aimed at groups of up to 18 people that literally has participants walking on walls.
At an event recently held at the group’s rehersal space in the Sydney suburb of Lilyfield, Legs on The wall instructors gave a group of event planners a taste of what the teambuilding experience was about, giving them the chance to experience what has made the physical theatre group such a popular entertainment concept.
Get your group climbing with Legs on the Wall
Harnessed and rigged to the ceiling, participants scale the walls and are taught some of the physical activities that make crowds take notice of the Legs on the Wall performers.

Teams will develop creativity, communication, mutual trust, confidence and decision making skills in a challenging but fun environment that is not only exciting, but also safe and supportive with one trainer to every six participants. Trainers can accommodate all levels of skills, physical fitness and learning styles.

The group’s rehearsal space, Red Box, offers a distinctive warehouse-style venue space for events and product launches and the performers themselves have appeared in numerous special events around the country.

For further information on entertainers, using the Red Box as a venue or holding your team building activity, click here.