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Executive Assistant Network Annual Congress 2009

EAN is pleased to announce the line up for this year’s Annual Congress – the most significant educational forum for top EAs and PAs in Australia.

Have you reached your full potential as an EA?  Are you providing your executive with all the support you believe they could possibly need?  Are you confident that you are able to anticipate the challenges faced by your executive and their team and proactively provide additional support and new ideas as required?  Do you have a vision for your future and your role as an EA and clear ideas of how to achieve these?
Unfortunately, the answer to some of these questions will most certainly be “no”.  Not because you aren’t good at your job, but because we all need to grow and learn as we progress in life.  Everyone does.  Everyone can learn to do what they presently do a little better, learn new ideas or learn how to do new things.  Even the executives you work for will sometimes recognise the need to hone their technical skills and knowledge or to seek guidance from a mentor, coach or consultant.
Ongoing, lifelong education is vital…….

The Executive Assistant Network Annual Congress is the most significant educational conference for senior EAs and PAs in Australia and one you need to attend if you are either in that role or trying to break into that role.  Don’t miss out.  Early Bird rates finishing soon.

The congress will be held at Crystal Palace, Luna Park, Sydney, on Mar 19 and 20. For more information, click here.


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