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Travel Safely with Travel Messenger

Travel Messenger — a new virtual concierge service offering travelers information about potentially disruptive situations and events — is now available to Australian mobile phone subscribers.

Created by Melbourne outfit Loop9, Travel Messenger provides up-to-the-minute information to make travelling safer, with regular information on more than 200 countries.  

“Whether there is a rail strike or a religious holiday your trip might turn into an adventure you did not bargain for,” said Loop9 CEO, Mark McCormack. “Our network security centre monitors a wide range of global security issues to bring in up-to-the-minute travel warnings for the country you are in.”

Other features include an ability to translate via SMS into 15 languages, a function that allows subscribers to find out what events are on in 3000 cities and a currency converter.

Travel Messenger is available from good travel agents for as little as $20.


“ Travel Messenger was fantastic when caught up in the Mumbai 2 weeks ago. I was alerted to the situation before anyone around me. The updates throughout the day enabled me to make informed decisions as to where I went and what to do next.” Anthony Odgen, Melbourne
“Being stuck in Bangkok was a nightmare. I knew something was up when Travel Messenger alerted me to the initial demonstration at the airport. They cut off all the western media, so it was my lifeline to important updates to the situation. Money well spent for peace of mind and safety.”  Janine Stillman, Perth

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