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US Airline Urges Visitors To Check New Visa Regulations

Hawaiian Airlines has urged all intending travellers to the US to be aware of new immigration measures, which, from January 12, 2009, require visitors to obtain an official US Government travel authorisation prior to departure.

Under new procedures announced by the US Department of Homeland Security, travellers wishing to enter the US under the Visa Waiver Programme – which includes passport holders from Australia and New Zealand – are now required to pre-register their intention 72 hours prior to their scheduled departure.

“This is a very important new requirement for intending visitors to the USA, and we want to make travellers well aware of the change before they arrive at the airport to board their flight,” said Hawaiian Airlines sales and marketing manager – Australia, Sherilyn Robinson.

“It is a new requirement from the US Government, and where passengers do not have a travel authorisation, airline check in staff will not be able to resolve the problem. Nor will airlines be liable for any costs or inconvenience where travellers do not have a travel authorisation and are not able to travel.”

The new regulation requires all intending travellers to apply online to the Department of Homeland Security for a travel authorisation prior to boarding an aircraft or vessel to the USA.

Authorisation is free of charge and the application takes approximately ten minutes to complete. Once received, the authorisation is valid for two years for holders of valid passports.

To apply for a US Travel Authorisation, click here.

Hawaiian Airlines offers three weekly nonstop flights from Sydney to Honolulu, with onward services to the neighbour islands, and to ten US mainland destinations.

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