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Sofitel Wentworth Launches Wine Ritual

By Gwen O’Toole

Sofitel Sydney Wentworth has uncorked a new adventure for wine lovers with the introduction of a theatrical series of wine flights created by regional sommelier, Nobuko Okamura.

Each wine flight comprises a trio of specially selected tasting portions, served in three Schott Zweisel glasses and presented in an elegant silver stand. Together the three wines create a tasting progression united by a common theme or special relationship.

The flights have been introduced as part of the Sofitel Wine Ritual — a worldwide initiative celebrating the French heritage of the Sofitel group through experiences in fine wine. 

Okamura said the wine flights would offer changing selections of wines presented in themes according to variety, geography, domain, vintage or exclusivity.

“It’s about creating a story and a sense of theatre, a chance for the guest to become involved in the ritual of wine and discover something new,” she said.

“We might offer three different wines from a particular château in France, or three wines that demonstrate the character of a particular Australian region.”

Each wine is served in a 50ml portion, making each flight the equivalent of a standard glass in quantity and price. The flights will be presented with a card explaining the wines and how they relate, with space for guests to make their own tasting notes.

The initiative follows last year’s appointment of Okamura as Sofitel regional sommelier, overseeing wine development at seven properties across Australia and the Pacific.

Born and raised in Ireland, Okamura is fluent in French and her parents’ native Japanese. She has worked at leading restaurants in Dublin, London and Paris and at Prime and Tetsuya’s in Sydney.