The most appealing virtual team building solution

Banana Life has combined their unique brand of fun with a slick video conferencing interface for a new team building solution.

With more and more companies taking on a larger remote workforce, Banana Life has come up with a unique virtual team building solution for remote employees aptly called ‘The Remote Game’.

They’ve combined their unique brand of fun with a slick video conferencing interface and hilarious live hosts to bring your remote teammates into the fold.

‘The Remote Game’ is a fully-hosted 60 min session that is played in-browser, so there’s no need to download software. The dedicated host keeps the momentum going and acts as score-keeper, facilitator, DJ and mediator. Your host also has full audio control over when you can hear your teammates, other teams, and the host themselves.

The online experience accommodates up to 30 players per ‘room’, with multiple rooms hosted simultaneously to include anywhere up to 500 players at a time! In each room, you can have up to 5 teams (6 people per team) which ensures 100% engagement.

Within the 60 min session, teams play a variety of challenges such as:
● Buzz in trivia
● Player Fact Match
● Pictionary and Drawing Games
● Name that Movie/Tune
● Puzzles and Brain Teasers
● GIF Battles, and
● Live Lip Sync Battles

A 60 min session include a range of games from buzz-in trivia, to pictionary, to lip sync battles.

“Since launching The Remote Game in March in Australia, we’ve helped businesses from a range of industries, boost morale and ensure their employees feel more connected,” says director Andy Balzat.

“We’ve had just over 2700 players across 185 teams play so far! More and more we’re seeing companies come to us after spending months trying to keep their own weekly ‘Friday Zoom parties’ lively and engaging. They’re definitely ready for new ideas that are simple, effective, and flexible. We’re hosting games around the clock, sometimes we’re up at 4am to cater for all timezones.”

A live host drives the games with commentary, music and other surprises

“Our hosts all come from acting, performance and facilitation backgrounds too, so transitioning to online presentation has been quite natural really,” says Balzat.

‘The Remote Game’ is a perfect replacement or addition to virtual EOFY events, social clubs, employee onboarding and induction programs, strategy days, or training days.”

The Banana Life team can also build custom content and company trivia questions into the game to support conference agendas or the ever-popular ‘all-hands’ meetings.

Booking a game is simple, easy and affordable. In fact, once you have scheduled your game and received your game URL, there’s very little you need to do but ensure everybody logs in at your scheduled time.

Pricing is surprisingly affordable, with volume discounts available for multiple games.

To request a live demo of ‘The Remote Game ’, please contact Banana Life here.

You can also visit their blog for free virtual team building tips and activities.

If you are an existing customer of Banana Life, check out their new customer referral program.

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