You’re invited: Mindz Brainplay launch

Mindz Brainplay, a new form of party entertainment, is set to launch in Australia.

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Mindz Brainplay, a new form of party entertainment, is set to launch in Australia.

The Mindz Brainplay concept involves the use of an Electroencephalograph (EEG) headset that enables users to move virtual objects with their thoughts. Using the same headset, a colourful image of a user’s brain activity can be captured and texted or emailed directly to the user’s mobile phone. This image can also be used to form large-scale artwork.

Previously only in the field of neuroscience, Mindz Brainplay is the brainchild of Phil Dye, a medical educator, journalist and entertainer who saw the concept as an educational and entertaining alternative to the usual mix of live music, trivia nights or video entertainment.

“As a society we are for more sophisticated with our entertainment options. We’re also fascinated with how our brain works. Mind’s Brainplay is a non-noisy, non-intrusive yet fascinating journey into the workings of the user’s brain. It’s safe, entertaining and fun for both the user and the onlookers” Dye said.

Unlike some EEG headsets, the Mindz Brainplay headset simply reads the brain activity of a user. There is no electrical stimulation from the sensors; the brain is ‘read’ rather than stimulated. It is 100% safe. As well as moving virtual objects with thoughts and having their brain image sent to their mobile phone, users can have their brainwaves interpreted as to the level of Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta activity; an indicator of a person’s health and state of mind.

The launch is a free event and will begin at 6.30pm on September 23 at Zigi’s Wine and Cheese Bar, 86 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale.

The public can register via the Mindz Brainplay Facebook page, by clicking here or via Twitter @MindzBrainplay.

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