Fun idea: Gif gif

Take your event's social sharing to the next level with Gif gif.

Gif gif 1

Take your event’s social sharing to the next level with Gif gif.

Social media is to life as butter is to toast – it’s here to stay.

As with butter (or avocado or margarine), there are plenty of options.

Gif gif 2

The latest development in social sharing for events is Social Playground’s new Gif gif unit.

All users need to do is press the start button on the screen, record the gif, enter their phone number into the screen and then, in less than 20 seconds, they receive a link to go to the event gallery. From there, they can tweet, Facebook or Instagram the gif via video conversion.

Gif gif 3

This whole process takes less than two minutes, with only 1- 2 square metres required to place unit in the event space.

For more information, click on the image below.

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