Proven event tech platform leads the industry in world-class hybrid events

COVID has turned events on their head. Lucky Entegy offers event organisers a suite of solutions for both physical and virtual events.

Does your virtual event technology platform provide the depth in product to cater for both in-person and virtual attendees in perfect sync? 

Leading advocates in the industry believe organisers need to plan for a hybrid future for events or face being left behind.

“Hybrid events are the new expectation for events and will become the norm,” says Graeme Caplen-Black, co-founder and director at Entegy. “To the point where they won’t be called hybrid events anymore, just events.”

A key sponsor of the Spice and A LIST Guide Events Uncovered since its inception, Entegy is well positioned for event organisers as the go-to event technology platform for hybrid events.

“Organisers will be pushed to up their game and offer more to their attendees,” says Caplen-Black, “as we saw when events went digital over the last decade.

Events Uncovered 2019. Image credit: Mr.W Photography

“Entegy is focused on providing the platform to enable this, as we have done for thousands of events over the years and will continue to do so for thousands of events into the future.”

Hybrid events require powerful, feature-rich technology platforms that can cater for in-person events as well as virtual.

But, Entegy’s Caplen-Black believes, as the industry recovers organisers will want to have the majority of attendees attending in person and it will be difficult for virtual event-focused platforms to rapidly evolve to suit the needs of these events.

As 2020 continues to evolve, and the complexities and expectations around hosting COVID-safe events become ever more complex and unpredictable, Entegy represents a trustworthy partner to guide event organisers through this transition.

Buma 2019. Image credit: Eventbrite

Entegy is constantly evolving their platform, and a host of new features have already been added based on 2020 learnings including live streaming capabilities through Zoom and other providers, upgrades to the web-app experience and new event websites that sync content across the entire platform, creating one place to manage all event content.

A dedicated ‘hybrid package’, the Entegy Suite provides event organisers with everything needed to run a hybrid event from start to finish, all in one place.

It offers customisable event websites, event apps, live streaming of sessions, in-person and virtual polling, Q&A, live discussions, registration and ticketing, automated email campaigns along with networking and gamification, interactive floor plans and wayfinding, lead capture, touchless badge printing and attendance tracking.

It’s this comprehensive product Suite, powerfully partnered with self-guided, instant product demos, global sales and support and proven experience powering thousands of events that gives Entegy a compelling package for successful event organisers.

Get an instant demo of the full product suite and arrange to talk to Entegy’s experienced event specialists now.

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