3 festive trends you need to know about

With only nineteen weeks to go until Christmas, it's time to get your theme locked down.

Christmas tree
With only nineteen weeks to go until Christmas, it’s time to get your theme locked down.

Staging Connections’ team of event stylists share their top three picks:


1. Vintage Circus and Carnival
For a theatrical effect, use draping with rich textures and deep colours such as burgundy or purple. Alternate these with white drapes to make your guests feel like they’ve stepped inside a circus tent. Add highlights of gold tassels and fringing or light the drapes from the base to add drama and depth.

Incorporate rustic elements and juxtaposing textures like timber crates, barrels and bentwood chairs, or even good old hay bales. Marquee lights are a must to give energy and sparkle, while bold graphic shapes such as stars, hearts and arrows add character.

An illuminated ‘show’ sign over a stage teams perfectly with roving circus performers. Scattered quirky circus props bring a touch of old world charm to your event while lace parasols, hoola hoops and feather plumes allude to aerial artists and show performers.

For a personalised touch, use vintage ticket rolls with your company or event name printed in historic font.

days of christmas

2. 12 Days of Christmas
Undeniably a favourite Christmas carol, the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ can also be brought to life as an immersive event theme.

Imagine your gala dinner being a live countdown to Christmas, where the entire room is transformed into one of the 12 day themes at set points in the night.

Through the use of various audio visual techniques, you can literally create six Turtle Doves, or 12 drummers drumming.

The complete story can be told via digital screens lining the walls, all showing content designed to work in harmony with the other digital elements in the room. The key to being immersive is creating seamless integration throughout the space.

When it comes to decorating the tables, don’t pull focus from the magnificent light show with over-styled centrepieces. Instead, go for modern interpretations with traditional colours such as chocolate, bronze and gold with accents of burgundy or dark hunter green.


3. Hollywood Awards
The aim of this interactive end-of-year theme is to make all guests feel like a true Hollywood star. Have your guests strut their stuff on a glamorous red carpet and strike a pose in front of a custom designed, illuminated Hollywood event backdrop with a lighting sequence to imitate the flashes of paparazzi cameras.

Encourage your guests to tweet and share their experience by adding a social media engagement tool like Event Tweet which collates and shares your guest’s posts in real time to a screen, via a dedicated hashtag so everyone can have their 15 minutes of fame.

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