Hot venue: Outback Adventurers

Wild Life Sydney Zoo will unveil a new venue in early November 2015.
Would you like flies with that?
Would you like flies with that?

Wild Life Sydney Zoo will unveil a new venue in early November 2015.

Featuring bug displays, the all-new café area will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the world of creepy crawlies like never before. Home to some of the most fascinating invertebrates including Sydney Funnel Webs and Giant Burrowing Cockroaches, the Outback Adventurer Café will not only provide an interesting dining experience, it also aims to further educate the public about the ecological importance of Australia’s most notorious critters.

The new-look café can accommodate cocktail functions, birthday parties, business conferences and everything in between. Available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the new café is located right in the heart of the Sydney CBD.

Featuring over 25 keeper talks and animal encounters, Wild Life Sydney Zoo is a great place to get up close to Australian animals. From meeting Ringo the wombat to cuddling up to koalas at Koala Encounters and holding a python in Kangaroo Walk-About, this is a top spot for international visitors to the city to get a taste of the wild.




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