GCCEC launches Green Events Guide

Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre makes holding a green event as simple as 1..2..3

Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre makes holding a green event as simple as 1..2..3

Demonstrating that sustainable event planning doesn’t need to be complex or expensive, the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre’s (GCCEC) 3 Easy Steps* can help reduce your carbon footprint and walk a little greener.

The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre has launched a guide for going green with your next conference

1. Choose from local accommodation houses walking distance to the event
500 delegates each cutting back on 5km of car travel over a three day conference equates to 857kg CO2e (carbon dioxide emissions) in savings, the equivalent of a car driving from Melbourne to Townsville.

2. Use online registration as an alternative to paper
The use of online registration by 500 delegates saving 500 sheets of paper is the equivalent of 3.8kg CO2e, or a 20W light bulb running for over 200 hours.

3. Reduce conference materials distributed at the event
Conference packs containing promotional materials, pens, pads and brochures often have a short life span and are not wanted by all event participants. Cutting back conference packs typically containing a satchel, pad, brochure and a CD by 50 per cent for 500 delegates is the equivalent of 232kg CO2e, or a fully laden articulated truck travelling for 125 kilometres. As a tip, offer conference materials as individual optional items to reduce consumption.

These three easy steps and more can be found in the new GCCEC Green Event Guide available online.

GCCEC general manager Adrienne Readings said that often it’s the most simple and inexpensive steps that not only help to make an event greener, but also reduce expenses, boost the morale of the client and enhance the reputation of the company.

“The GCCEC already has a range of best practices set in place that automatically make events greener simply by holding them at the Centre,” she said.

“The GCCEC Green Event Guide is a quick and easy reference point offering our clients simple steps to not only help reduce the carbon footprint of their events, but also to create more awareness around the environmental footprint of the industry as a whole.”

* All calculations are based on a three day conference for 500 delegates. Carbon dioxide emissions for the three scenarios have been calculated by Life Cycle Strategies and are accurate as of April 2011.


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