You’re Invited: Risk Managment for Public Venues and Events

SpiceNews readers are invited to attend Risk Management for Public Venues and Events to be held on 21-22 June 2010 in Sydney.

SpiceNews readers are invited to attend Risk Management for Public Venues and Events , a 2 day workshop to be held on 21-22 June 2010 in Sydney.

The interactive workshop goes delves into risk assessment and analysis, addresses the need for risk assessments at venues and events, as well as describes the specific risk assessment models. The fact remains however robust you believe your risk management system or plan to be, disaster has an uncanny way of striking when you become complacent or content with your current security practices. It is a challenge and an ongoing battle which never goes away – how to be vigilant, stay alert and be prepared for the ‘unthinkable.’

The event, suitable for event organisers of both corporate and public events as well as venue managers, will focus on the risk assessment methodologies to detect threats, identify vulnerabilities, and reduce consequences.

With the ‘unknown certainty’ of unexpected occurrences, human behavior and the margin of error, it is impossible to ensure a risk free environment at Australia’s public venues and events. Incidents will happen and emergencies will arise. It is a matter of how one prepares, responds, and recovers to mitigate the consequences of emergencies at a venue or event.

The workshop will address:
• Understanding and applying the different standards in use to govern the industry
• Practical approach to risk assessment and analysis
• Delving into specific risk assessment models and framework
• Creating a risk awareness culture and embedding risk into the business
• Event risk planning and preparing for different types of events
• Emergency readiness and preparedness

Attendees at last year’s event included delagates representing the U.S. Olympic Committee, Sri Lanka Cricket, as well as variety of city councils and more. 

The conference venue is yet to be confirmed. For more information or ot view the conference porogram click here.

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