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PCEC gets 42 metre super-wide panoramic screen

Photo Credit: The Scene Team

AVPartners has introduced a new 42 metre super-wide panoramic screen to Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC) – the largest screen of any venue in Western Australia.

The screen, which requires five projectors to blend a single image, is so large that it spans an entire wall of the BelleVue Ballroom at PCEC. The addition follows a series of other state-of-the-art technical enhancements at PCEC by AVPartners, and complements PCEC’s recent refurbishment upgrades to the venue.

The screen can also be setup in a curved configuration, which creates a seamless viewing experience for all audience members, allowing for an increase in engagement.

AVPartners’ partner at PCEC, Ryan Taylor, said “The screen is a stunning sight and opens up so many creative options for us to create memorable events. We can’t wait to unlock its potential at client events. The introduction of the screen demonstrates our commitment to partner with PCEC to deliver the best event experience possible.”

St John Ambulance WA was the first client to utilise the screen for their recent annual St John Experience WA event, and was blown away by the experience.

“The enormous 42M super-wide panoramic screen was a seriously impressive addition to the event – you could see the awe and amazement on the faces of our guests!” said Christina Blake, Head of Internal Communications and Events at St John Ambulance WA.

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